Swingers Birthday Party


  • Video Duration: 29:45
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  • Publish Date: November 18, 2016
  • Models: Alberto Tozzi
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Well well… imagine nice house in the forrest, where are no people arround… Marcello take me there to celebrate my b-day, and I though, we will have nice romantic weekend just the two of us… Well, I was wrong! He have something really special for me, something what all swinger lovers will love! He bring me in, blindfold my eyes, and than thinks just happened! First sexy girl… and after I got two hot cocks directly in my mouth! Wow… just watch the video and cum with us!!!

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  1. Arnaud

    You are beautiful Caprice and SUPER exciting as always 😉

    • LittleCaprice

      🙂 thank you! I hope you enjoyed the video same as I did :)))

      • Ryan7787

        Please tell me where u got those shoes from I want them for my gf

        • Little Caprice

          🙂 They are from Steve Madden :)))

  2. Allan

    Yeaa, super sexy and erotic, I am watching for the 3rd time. 🙂 Hopefully next time the guy can get to cum on or in you. Kisses xxxxx

    • LittleCaprice

      🙂 Allan, thank you for nice comment, Im glad you like it! Well, next time I will let the guy cum on me. KISSES! :)))

  3. leris

    Well … hum …. to be honest, I was expecting something different from the “queen of erotic” !

    Nothing new, no creativity, no imagination ! an impression of “deja vu” (already seen) on your videos at x-art or colette. You can be better than that.

    And one other thing : I just discover a free site with an account “Little Caprice” with videos stamped “littlecaprice-dreams” which are not here, (“Get fucked in the cinema center”, “fuck the postman” and “masturbation – malibu infinity pool”)! very nice for your “dear fans” who paid for your videos and don’t know these exist ! a little disapointed !

    Kisses Leris. ♥♥♥

    • Marcello Bravo

      Dear Leris ❤️, thanks for your replay, always happy to get feedbacks +&-, for us the video is more than great because Caprice never celebrated in a video in her life her birthday 🙂 sad that you don’t like this personality clip.
      Hopefully you like the next clips, not forget we are brand new and get better and better, we are just 2 months online 🙂 and for this I think we do a great job..❤️
      Xart works for 12 years now 🙂 just for info …

      About the pornhub, dont be sad, our content on LCD is exclusive and never get out from our website !!!
      This is why we don’t poste this teasers from BH on our website! When we do that we don’t have exclusive content and this is not our style.

      The Malibu pool clip comes soon at LCD with the hardcore after !!! You will love this clip..

      Do you have so some questions more ? let me Know please greetings Marcello

      Ps: Still our content is just exclusive here at LCD and this will be always like that 🙂 and for our fans can be nothing good enough !!!❤️

      • leris

        Hi Marcello,

        I did’nt say I don’t like it, just I was expecting something different, the other girl receive as much or more than Caprice and However it was not her birthday.

        here are things I like
        http://img268.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=481454573_001_123_46lo.jpg (too short in the unexpected casting)


        better if she can do like Ferrera:

        Kisses ♥♥♥

        • NightJaguar

          I would like to see more stuff like that too, but you can be a little less rude to our gracious hosts.

          • leris

            NightJaguar : I’m not rude, just honest ! Marcello and Caprice wants our feedbacks, if it’s just to say “Wow great” or “good scene” I don’t see the interest (for them).


          • NightJaguar


            Writing whatever stray thought that passes through your mind with no regard to the human beings on the other end doesn’t make you “honest”, it makes you an ass.

            Our hosts of course welcome constructive criticism. However, you can be more tactful when providing feedback (e.g. without comments like “Nothing new, no creativity, no imagination !”).

          • LittleCaprice

            🙂 I like to read this kind of discussion, where you guys speaking about me 😀 Anyway, both of you have right! Of course I love to do stuff like this as well, and I have so many ideas like this in my brain… But the true is, that to be a model only is much easier than producer… As a model you can really focus on what you do, how you pose etc… but in our case we are models, and producers in one 😀 That means, that there is so many stuff to focus on the set, that we just forgot sometimes our ideas 😀 So we need still little practicing, to get this two things working perfectly together 🙂

    • Allan Tingey

      Hey Leris,

      I’m a “dear fan” and I don’t feel cheated in anyway. The videos she’s posted on the free sites have always been announced on Twitter and there has never been any attempt to hide them from her paying customers. They help bring new people to this site, but they are also a gift to those who, for their own reasons, cannot subscribe 🙂

      • leris

        Hi, sorry, I don’t have twitter …

      • LittleCaprice

        Thank you Allan, you are right, the videos are because we want to get more members here, so is promotion, and we don’t want to post videos from LCD on free servers yet, because we want to keep the exclusive… 🙂 But for big success, we put the video from the toilet in the MYLIFE section 🙂 That even the people, who don’t have social networks as twitter etc, can watch it here as well :))))))

  4. Allan

    Hi Marcello

    I suggested a poll with different ideas and suggestions fro members to vote on before. We could send in ideas for clothes and sex scenes. We could become the Directors 🙂
    Caprice is definitely the best and most sexy model to work with. 🙂

    • LittleCaprice

      Allan, I want to do this too! Maybe create one blog, where the members can write just their suggestions? What do you think? 🙂

      • Arnaud

        Yes for this idea Caprice !! Please make it happen

        • jack1979

          i vote for!! Nice idea!!

      • Allan

        Hi Caprice perfect Xxx

  5. NightJaguar

    Good scene! Thanks for considering my suggestion. 🙂 I do think having a special page where we can vote on member’s ideas would be a nice addition to the site.

    Here’s another suggestion: I liked the ““Get fucked in the cinema center” video on Pornhub. It would be hot if you did same thing again, except have Caprice suck two guys in public. Twice the thrill 😉

    • LittleCaprice

      🙂 Thank you NighJaguar… I like always your ideas 🙂 Next time, when we go to cinema, I will not forget to take my camera with 😀 Maybe there is a guy, who want to get sucked from me in public? 😛

      • Arnaud

        Tell me when you go to the cinema next time, I am ready to be this guy 🙂 🙂

      • Allan Tingey

        Arnaud… I can’t believe you’re the only fan who’s signed up for this. I think you’re going to be the guy 🙂

        • LittleCaprice

          haha guys so lets come to Vienna and lets watch some movie! Lets see what will happened :PPP

          • Arnaud

            This is an invitation ? 😉

          • Allan Tingey

            My bags are packed… I’m checking movie schedules… 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • LittleCaprice

            :))) haha really? You guys are fast!! 😀

          • NightJaguar

            Vienna is far away from me, but I’m willing to fly there to go see a movie…. ;P

  6. roylc

    Hi Caprice.
    Did you see my question on customs under the previous video?

    • LittleCaprice

      🙂 Hey yes now. 🙂 We will write you an email soon! 🙂 Kisses

  7. leris

    I’ve posted an answer to Marcello on November 18, 2016 at 3:18 pm, still awaiting moderation !

  8. jack1979

    Hi Caprice!! Nice scene!!
    You are the Best!!!

    More updates!! lol

    • LittleCaprice

      Haha thank you! next update is coming very soon :)))

  9. DougGray

    Hi Caprice Marcello

    Great video as usual. I think we like seeing Caprice fucked by other guys…but also pretty girls. I would like to see caprice take on a 10inch cock and see how she does!

    • LittleCaprice

      How much is 10 inch in Centimeters? 😀

        • LittleCaprice

          That should work I guess 😀

  10. DougGray

    CAPRICE .,I would love to see you do a glory hole scene with real strangers. Just you and some twitching vicks spurting fun over your gorgeous face and body.

    • LittleCaprice

      😀 what a funny idea… 😀 I like the imagination to suck a cock from a stranger… 😀 Specially if it will be 25cm long aaaa :)))))))

  11. DougGray

    Because you are sooooo pretty it would make the scene special. And not knowing the guys who feed their socks through the hole for you to play with and not knowing when your teasing will mean they can’t hold back from emptying load after load on your model face and body. Imagine seeing a huge cock that you can hardly got your hand around..

    • LittleCaprice

      Mmmmm I love this imagination!!! :))))

      • LittleCaprice

        Marcellos cock is “only” 22 cm 😀 so thats three cm more… well, I really like this 😛

  12. DougGray

    Or a cock with a massive head like mine

  13. Arnaud

    I just landed in Vienna, where is the cinema Caprice ?
    Sorry Allan, I’ve been faster than you 😉

    • Allan Tingey

      You win… I’ll pay for the movie tickets 🙂

      • LittleCaprice

        😀 So fast? thats awesome… maybe you should build a waiting line in front of the cinema 😀

        • Arnaud

          You are super gourmand Caprice ! imagine we are 10 guys in the line in front of the cinema, are you going to suck us all ? 😉

          • DougGray

            Hi Arnaud

            This is a good idea but 10 is too many. 5 well hung guys strangers would be enough.

          • NightJaguar

            Next year for her birthday she doesn’t blow out candles, but something else. One for each year, :p,

          • LittleCaprice

            😀 NightJaguar do you know how old Im? 😀 its gonna be a lot of…… candles

          • NightJaguar

            If you blow them all out at once your wishes will come true

          • LittleCaprice

            😀 Ufff I don’t know if this is one of my dreams 😀 Thats a loot of cocks/ candles in one 😀

  14. Aussiecashman

    Great work caprice. You are so sexy I have followed your for about 7 years now and never get sick of you! I would love for you to email me as I have a question to ask

    • LittleCaprice

      thank you! well, you can ask me here everything you want 🙂

      • Aussiecashman

        Is it possible to get English subtitles? On your videos

        • LittleCaprice

          Hello 🙂 Well, the most of the videos are gonna be anyway in English, sometimes german, but if there is a more talking, I will add the titles there. 🙂

      • Aussiecashman

        Is it possible to get English subtitles on your videos?

  15. DougGray

    Hi Caprice

    I love seeing your pretty face with cum over it. But would you ever take it in your pussy from a stranger?

    • LittleCaprice

      Well, creampie I do only with Marcello… its very intimate moment for me, so I dont like to share it with another men…. :)))

  16. Roland

    Hi Caprice

    Die Fotos und Videos sind echt von feinsten.

    Wie sieht es mit dem Wandkalender für 2017 aus? Gibt es überhaubt einen?

    • LittleCaprice

      Hallo 🙂 leider nicht 🙁 dieses Jahr habe ich zu viel Arbeit mit meiner neuen Seite… somit keine Zeit für einen Kalender… aber nächsters Jahr mache ich bestimmt einen!!!

  17. Aussiecashman

    Is there anyway these videos can be downloaded from

    • Marcello Bravo

      Dear A. we have just streaming on our Website, no Downloads, but you can Download the Pictures. But all information what you get, you can find at the subscription. But we have a Livesex Webcam Show for free for all our members at 24.11. so check the event button. Greetings Marcello

      • NightJaguar

        Are you guys gonna make it so that we can download an entire photo set as one zip file?

  18. sharkoon

    Hallo Caprice und Marcello,
    ein wirklich geiles Video, sehr gut gemacht, authentisch und natürlich – und wirklich deutlich besser als die beiden letzten Vierer Videos bei X.Art und Colette. Die Kamera ist gut (nicht zu viele Nahaufnahmen – endlich sieht man auch mal was) und vor allem nicht diese permanenten Cuts wie bei X-Art (über 20 Cuts in einem Video). Warum ruinieren die bei X-Art speziell eure Videos entweder mit diesen schrecklichen extrem Nahaufnahmen oder und mit diesen permanenten Cuts – einfach schrecklich! Jeder Cut macht das Video unauthentisch und künstlich und bei den ständigen Nahaufnahmen sieht man einfach nichts. X-Art und Colette waren wirklich mal richtig klasse Labels, aber in letzer Zeit sind die eher auf Gonzo Niveau (Deepthroat usw.) – schade.
    Eure Seite gefällt mir bisher sehr gut, nur etwas wenig BG Stuff.

    • Marcello Bravo

      Hi Sharkoon, danke für deinen Eintrag, freuen uns sehr das dir unser Video gefällt, wir sind ja erst seit 2,5 Monaten hinter der Cam, mit deinem Feedback hilfst du uns sehr unseren Style zu finden… Es gibt ja alles mögliche an Porno im Internet, deswegen finden wir das echt spitze von dir 🙂
      Natürlich reden wir keine Labels schlecht, wollen auf uns schauen und unser bestes geben.
      Ich Persönlich finde es geil wie die fliegende Cam like SWINGER B.P, aber auch Nahaufnahmen jedoch nicht Gonzo style.. Deswegen werden wir eine gute Mischung aus dem ganzen machen. Geile Intros, fliegende CAM mit Nahaufnahmen und das ganze wenig unterbrochen 🙂
      Momentan experimentieren wir noch viel herum, es entwickelt sich aber schon langsam…

      Zu deinem Feedback BG…. hast du recht 🙂 Keine Sorge, wir sind fleißig am Drehen und bringen ständig neue Updates bzw. haben wir schon einiges auf Lager das demnächst auch auf die Website kommt. Probieren eine gute Mischung mit unseren Updates zu finden.

      Heute haben wir eine BG Livesex-Webcam-Show für alle Members umsonst natürlich. Sei dabei und schau es dir einfach an BG LIVE 🙂 Infos dazu findest du unter https://lcm.contourthis.com/event/live-sex-webcam-show/ Liebe Grüße Marcello & Caprice natürlich ….

  19. sharkoon

    Hallo Marcello,
    danke für Deine Antwort. Nun ich möchte auch kein Label schlecht reden, X-Art ist ja immer noch eines der top Label. Was ich allerdings nicht verstehe, die geben sich ja sehr viel Mühe mit dem Set usw. nur warum ruinieren die dann die Videos durch diese ständigen extrem Closeups und verstümmeln die Videos durch die permanenten Cuts mitten in der Action. Ein Cut mitten in der Action oder vor dem Cumshot geht einfach gar nicht. Und warum haben die speziell bei Euren Videos auch noch ein unmögliches Format gewählt? Das Aspect Ratio ist 16:9 – nur wenige haben ein Kino zuhause, somit ergibt sich eine Letterbox (Balken oben und unten) das ist einfach stümperhaft, aber bei X-Art interessiert das ja keinen.
    Die meisten Pornos sind einfach langweilig, weil diese Lustlos und künstlich sind, grauenhaft gefilmt wurden und mit permanenten Cuts verstümmelt werden. Die besten und authentischen Pornos sind die ohne Cut, bei denen die Produzenten die Dartstelller einfach mal machen lassen, die Kamera dezent und unaufdringlich das ganze filmt. Es ist doch klar, dass bei permanenten Unterbrechungen, Anweisungen usw. bei den Darstellern keine Lust aufkommt – und das merkt der Zuschauer auch! Wenn dann noch die ganze Zeit die Kamera auf den Darstellern klebt, dürfte auch das letze bisschen Lust den Darsteller vergangen sein.
    Es geht im Porno um die natürlichste Sache der Welt, um Sex, warum versuchen die Produzenten dann die Pornos so unnatürlich und künstlich wie möglich zu machen?
    Colette.com ist mittlerweile durchaus ins Gonzo Segment einzuordnen (Lustlose Fake Cumshots, Fake Moning, Squirt (Pisse) usw.) das war wirklich mal ein klasse Label, es wäre schön wenn die mal wieder Pornos mit Niveau machen würden, von den Gonzo Label gibt es ja nun wirklich genug.

    Liebe Grüße Sharkoon

    • Marcello Bravo

      Bin deiner Meinung 🙂 verstehe das auch oft nicht… wir werden uns aber deine Worte zu Herzen nehmen und versuchen es besser zu machen. Fliessen lassen, wenig schneiden, gutes Licht, guter Winkel und einfach spaß am Sex haben (das haben wir) 🙂 Gib uns ein paar Monate noch und wir bekommen das perfekt hin 🙂
      Letterbox finde ich aber geil, jedoch nur bei den Intros, beim Sex bevorzugen wir dann volles Bild 🙂 Hast du sonst noch Lust über guten Porno zu plaudern?

  20. bradley23

    My fiancé and I both love your work. She is very tiny with same body style and she has very tiny feet. We were wondering if you have done many videos foot fetish?

    • LittleCaprice

      Hey 🙂 I didnt do many foot fetish yet, but I definitelly will here on LCD! ❤

  21. Lucas237

    Caprice you are definitely the best porn actress I know so far, I love all your scenes and I accompany you always, I am new member here I wish very much one day to see your interracial swinger or gangbang scene would be perfect … More I am Loving what I already see here.

  22. orionandmoon2

    Dear Caprice and Marcello,

    All I can say is I applaud your creativity and bravery for creating something truly new. It’s not easy to be a producer. You are in charge of it all. Your site is beautiful, of course you had little rough spots when you launched, but anyone who has tried to do an interactive site as challenging as yours would understand. But, mostly, you have taken polyamory to another level. You are both so beautiful and beautiful together in all that you do. But, when you add other people into your sex, the reactions between the two of you are so hot. Yes, it’s really great to see Caprice together with another man, and Marcello with another woman while you are all together, because you are a pair. And, that chemistry, is electrifying. Whatever you do in the future, I’m sure you’ll do it beautifully. But, you are off to an amazing start already. So, my favorite scenes are when you share. 2 men including Marcello with Caprice. 2 women including Caprice with Marcello. And when you are all together as a 4- some or more-some … going back and forth with different partners … besides the hot sex and how beautiful everyone is, its the way you watch and enjoy each other having sex with others … yikes! It’s really SO good–and so unique in the world of porn. Happy New Year all.

    • LittleCaprice

      Hello Dear orionandmoon2 Welcome on our Website and thank you very much for such a nice coment!
      Im alwaya really glad, when our members likes what we do, and why we do it. We love to share partners in private life too, it brings our relationship to another level.. we trust each others 100%… And thats what we want to show to the world… that in relationship is the most important thing trusting yourself, trying new stuff, than it can last forever and gets never boring ❤ thank you very much, and we both wish you a Happy New Year!

  23. orionandmoon2

    And … I didn’t know my photo would come up … please delete it on your end if possible please 🙂

  24. Clarksonman22

    Hello Caprice,

    What a pleasure to be here. Very fan for many years, happy to see your new work here.
    Is that normal that we can’t forward in your videos ? or directly go to the 10 minutes of the video (for example) ?
    That would be nice to have this.

    Thanks you 🙂

    • Marcello Bravo

      Hi, we have streaming as you know, so the best is you look all the video, or you wait some seconds till the buffering is finished 🙂 greetings

  25. Tobi1801

    Dear Caprice and Marcello:
    Next year, I want to give my wife the best birthday present of her life: a threesome with you two.
    And if you want, I will join in.


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