Sex City Innsbruck Part two


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  • Publish Date: October 19, 2017
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Ok guys 🙂 This is the second part of the Innsbruck report… This one is super exciting as well, because you can see the full live show of Lilli and Marc, as you saw in the part before, I did prepared him well, so the show is great! Also, Marcello aerial silks show is there, you have to see this! Is incredible what he is doing on the stage… He is unique, there is nobody at the erotic expos, doing such a shows…. Also, I know, maybe you don’t want to really see this, but I found it very interesting.. The gay show… The guys are long year couple-16 year together!!! And they do a live sex on the stage… Very interesting… And 🙂 Me and Mary Wet on the stage again, this time as a teacher-ME and a school girl-Mary… She was a bad bad girl, so I must fuck her with a strap-on…poor girl, right? 😛 Have fun!!!!!

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  1. Allan Tingey

    Oh my gosh… so many things to talk about in this video… hang on… let me refill my wine glass 🙂

    Ok… I’m back, but the bottle’s almost empty. I hope I can still type. Lilli and Marc are amazing. Sex is usually such a private thing for the rest of us and I really have no idea how you guys do these things with so many people watching, but I guess you get used to it. It must have been very difficult the first time.

    Markus on the silks is always amazing. The first time I saw this was in photographs of the two of you together and they were super sensual. No one had had ever talked to either of you in those days, so we had no idea what you were like in real life, but the photographs created a very powerful illusion. Now that we know you, you are both even more lovable than the illusions 🙂

    The gay guys… well… I’m not often attracted to men but I really like gay guys. Some of them have the best qualities of a woman and the best qualities of a man all rolled together in one package and, honestly, I think they’re the best people in the world. It seems like they’re always happy, always creative, and they’re the best cooks anywhere 🙂

    And your live show… what can say? You are much more comfortable doing these shows now and my only regret in life is that I’ve never had a teacher like you. Awesome show, maybe you can continue with your sex lessons for us someday 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I’ll try to proof read this before I post it, but no promises. This is a really strong bottle of wine 🙂

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