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  • Video Duration: 17:50
  • Publish Date: December 21, 2016
  • Models: Little Caprice
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This video was made in Netherlands, where I was booked as every year for this kind of shooting. I really like it is always day full of fun and new experiences 😀 So thats why I decide to show you, how fetish and bondage shooting looks like, because sometimes looks really harder than it really is… 😀 So have fun with the first part, the second comes very soon!!! 🙂

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  1. Gothic02

    Great idea you had, Very informative, like to see the backstage, permit to see the reality behind this kind of production, love this, and this update comes the day of my 23rd birthday so it’s a beautiful present 🙂

    • Marcello Bravo

      Hey happy birthday young boy 🙂 thanks for the replay…as you know on our side have to be not just sex, we want to be different than all other websites, close to the members, reports, backstage, real life & of corse real sex with passion..thanks that you & all the other members on our website, without you guys this website never exist…
      Thanks a lot…

      Ps: Part 2. comes tomorrow 🙂

    • LittleCaprice

      Hey 🙂 Happy B-day!! Im happy you like the video, its something different than usually and I though it can be fun to share this with my fans 🙂 the second part is more fun, so tomorrow! kisses

      • Gothic02

        Thank you both for your b-day wishes. And continue like this, it’s a wonderful job you make with this site 🙂

        • LittleCaprice

          Thank you really :)))

    • Allan Tingey

      Happy birthday Gothic02… sorry you’re getting so old! 🙂

      Caprice… I love the backstage videos, especially because I get to hear your voice. Someday, would you take us back to your kitchen and teach us how to cook something Czech? 🙂

      • Gothic02

        Thanks Allan 🙂

      • LittleCaprice

        oh yes, we want to do that… Do you really want to learn to cook czech meal? What about the traditional Svíčková? :))) The best meal ever 😀

        • Allan Tingey

          Yes, I really do… and a sviidkovadoodle… whatever…. sounds delicious. You better teach me some Czech too 🙂

        • Allan Tingey

          I just googled Svíčková. It looks yummy 🙂

          • LittleCaprice

            It is :))) the best food ever :))) Always remind me my child days :)))

  2. Arnaud

    Happy birthday Gothic02 !

    Amazing video and same for me, happy to hear your nice voice Caprice


    • Gothic02

      Thanks Arnaud 🙂

    • LittleCaprice

      🙂 Thank you Arnauld :))) The second part is online very soon :)))

  3. Michael

    Happy Birthday Gothic02.
    Hi Caprice. At this Weekend i also was in the Netherland, in Rotterdam. Only 70 km from Amsterdam.
    Too bad I did not see you.
    Do u have a new Tatto at the wrist? Or is it only a Fake?
    And i also love your Voice like all the other. But i prefere if u speak German 🙂

    • Gothic02

      Thanks Michael 🙂

      Markéta, your tattoo meaning is eternal love no with a heart interlaced in a triquetra on the wrist of the heart/wedding ring hand ?

      • LittleCaprice

        Hey yeeeees :))) You can see it? the si exactly what it means, and we did it with Marcello on our first year wedding anniversary in USA :)) He has the same on his left wrist :)))

  4. peter721

    Happy Birthday Gothic02from me too!
    Have nice party!
    Thank you Caprice for this video! Is never to late time to lern new experiences from other people. I like You with these toys!

    • Gothic02

      Thanks peter721 🙂

    • LittleCaprice

      wait for the video today 🙂 in the second part is even more funny toys 😀

  5. jack1979

    happy birthday Gothic02!!

    Nice new video Caprice!! Always smiling!!
    That is what is pleasant!!

    Big kiss!

    • LittleCaprice

      :)) Kiss to you back :)))

  6. allie1710

    i wish i can meet you at least on time in real life
    I love you Caprice <3

  7. Stefan 1

    Coole Reportage…davon mehr bitte…! Ein interessanter Blick hinter die Kulissen der Fetisch Welt….nicht unbedingt meine Welt,…. aber wer weiß ?? Caprice Du machst das wirklich sehr gut…es macht wahnsinnig Spaß Dir zuzuschauen….ganz ganz toll 🙂 Ich würde Dich wirklich sehr gerne einmal in einem heißen Latex Outfit sehen…den perfekten Körper hast Du dafür….und was mir besonders gut gefallen hat…Deine Haare zum Pferdeschwanz gebunden…ich mag das sehr gerne bei Frauen…… ich freue mich jetzt auf Teil 2…………. 🙂

  8. Brent

    Love these reality/public types of videos. To hear your voice is soothing and sexy also. Keep it up!

  9. Mark Whitlock

    I love just hearing you talk

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