Love is passion



Love is passion… This is one of the scenes, where we just forgot the camera, and enjoy each others with passion. Watch us making love to each others, and cum with us! Schau dir Marcello Bravo Porno Videos kostenlos hier auf an. Entdecke die wachsende Sammlung von hochqualitativen xxx filmen von Marcello Bravo

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  1. Arnaud

    I love it !
    Beautiful sex lovers scene !
    You know it, the ending is what I love !!
    Merci merci
    Happy New Year

    • LittleCaprice

      Thank you Arnauld! Yes, that ending was made because of you 😛 Happy New Year!!!!!

  2. Jimmy

    Hey, girl…

    Thanks for the male nipple play. I know I am probably a bit nuts for liking that, but my nipples have always been incredibly sensitive – more than any woman I have ever been with. My wife TOUCHES them when we are making love and if she keeps playing with them for more than 15 seconds… I am done…

    Hope Marcello got something out of it. I did…

    • Marcello Bravo

      HeY im not so sensetive like you, but I like it also ❤❤❤ and of corse we think to you when we did this scene 🙂 big kiss ❤❤❤

      • Jimmy

        I want to make sure I say this right…

        When you and Caprice were doing scenes for Colette I mentioned to Colette (on Twitter) that I would love to see some SLOW reverse cowgirl scenes. She responded a few weeks or a month later with :Your order is ready…”. That was ‘Meet my Lover from Austria” and it was extremely hot. Still one of the hottest pieces of erotica I have ever seen. The fact that Colette listened and did the scene.

        Now, with this scene, that she and you did this for me… say no more. Another super hot turn-on that I was somehow involved…

    • LittleCaprice

      Hey Jimmy 🙂 yes as Marcello sayd, we liked your suggestion last time, you are right, in porn almost nobody do that… 🙂 and is sad, not only woman nipples are sensitive! 🙂 Happy New year :)))

  3. emohysterya

    you are awesome

    • LittleCaprice

      🙂 thank you ❤ Happy New Year!!!!!

  4. November-Men

    Hello Caprice

    You’re so sweet !!

    You and Marcello have a happy new Year!!

    • Marcello Bravo

      Thanks a lot and welcome at our website 🙂 this is just the beginning ❤
      wish you all the best ❤ and we keep in touch

    • LittleCaprice

      You too!!! Very Happy New Year!!!!!

  5. Stefan 1

    …so, nochmal schnell ein kurzer Gruß an euch beide….kommt gut rein…laßt es richtig krachen….wir sehen uns in 2017 !!! 🙂

    Gruß Stefan

  6. Gothic02

    WHOW, absolutely wonderful, one of my fzvorite scene with In love with Caprice. I just love these sex scenes where the passion between you show a real and natural wife and husband sex scene with such love intensity. 🙂

    Wish you both an happy new year and all the best for 2017 !!!

  7. Rainerj

    AWESOME Passion Style. Thanks a lot!

    Now I would love you for getting a “Real Life” Cigarette-Smoking Video! Maybe on a table.. no erotic, no nude.. just the way you are and the way you smoke?? This is MY 2017 WISH! pleeease :* :*

    • LittleCaprice

      🙂 I will do it for you :))))

      • Rainerj

        Ohhww really?? This is GREAT!! Thank you sooo much <3
        Dont forget: just the way you are! no erotic or nude stuff… hell I'm going to extend my Subscription after that!!

  8. Michael

    Hallo Caprice,
    many thanks for this Christmas Gift. U know, this video is the way why i love you.
    Happy New Year

  9. Koray

    Hello Caprice. What do you think about Kenna James? I think she has a perfect body. Will we see her in a gg project with you? You should think this 🙂 kisses..

    • LittleCaprice

      Hello Koray! I love Kenna James, and we both definitely want to make a scene together! \next trip to USA I will meet her so hopefully we will shoot together 🙂

  10. djrocca

    As always my wife and I absolutely love the passion you two share. This video is fantastic as always

  11. andreaslower

    Caprice, footjob please! You’ re beautiful!

  12. Tobi1801

    Ein wahnsinnig scharfes Video, und ein fantastisches Ende.
    Danke an Euch beide, Caprice und Marcello !

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